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What we offer for your business or home:

Security systems

Fire & Secuirty Services

We keep you safe with Fire Alarms and Security Systems for your business or home. We offer the latest technology so that you have the peace of mind that what you want protected is.

Security cameras

Surveillance & Monitoring Services

We offer the best camera systems for your home or business that are always clear and reliable to always keep a watch over your property 24/7.

Our Monitoring Services are always at the best rate for you. Offering you the assurance that you are protected by a reputable company that is only a press of a button away to notify the police or fire departments if needed.  

Access Control

Access Control for Businesses

Access Control allows companies to limit individuals access throughout their facility. It allows for tracking when and where employees are going.  Limits can be based on times or areas.

We service the following counties in the Florida Panhandle:

Bay, Holmes, Jackson, Okaloosa, Walton & Washington